Elderly Nutrition Diet Plan

With advancing age there is a lot of change in person metabolism and physiological conditions. Thus there is a lot of change seen in the body  composition analysis of an aged person . It is a common observation that the elderly start to lose muscle with their age and tend to put more body fat. Thus with low lean muscle comes with low muscle strength ,low aerobic capacity and low bone mass density. This age related lowering of muscle mass is called SARCOPENIA. 

With advancing age there is a great demand for protein ,diet rich in protein helps in improving bone health and muscle mass. Along with high protein diet ,some supplements should be included in diet like as Fish oil supplement, Calcium ,Vitamin B6,Selenium, Vitamin C etc. Carbohydrates and fats can be adjusted according to person lifestyle and goals. A Balanced Diet helps aged person in improving his renal , cardiovascular and neurological function. 

Workout also recommended , there is no better way than Resistance Training to improve muscle mass in elderly person . Aged person can start with light weights and more repetitions. However Yoga, Brisk walking, Swimming  are also known to be beneficial to keep them moving and active. All we aim for is “They are not living a Sedentary life”.

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