Contest preparation diet plan

The contest prep is a training routine that involves dieting for a time period of 3-6 months or more to
achieve a physique with very low body fat while building/retaining maximum muscle mass.

You might be wondering what’s the difference between contest prep and a usual fat loss training. They’re both essentially serving the same purpose.

The answer is the training intensity. Contest prep involves much more disciplined and tough routine than a regular fat loss training

●Involves a deadline: You have to achieve a certain body composition in a limited time period. Females need to reach at least around 16-18% and males at least around 6-8%

●Requires accurate tracking and adherence: Frequent deviations means slowing down of progress

●Requires training harder: You have to maintain good performance in your workouts despite of eating fewer calories

●Frequent hunger pangs: Calories get reduced with time.

●Decreased socializing: Eating out often means increased chances of deviating from set calories

●Affected mood, increased irritability, reduced sex life etc.: Stress and fatigue pile up and increase as we proceed in the prep due to less energy availability


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