Weight Management Diet Plan

Weight management diet plan your body is made of two parts fat weight and the lean body weight the lean body weight is the weight of your bones and the muscles the fat weight is exactly what it says it is fat only look at the weighing scales and the judges your health the things to look at is the fat with its your body fat percentage only the idol bad fat percentage for the man is under 20% and woman is under 25% this is why we said never judge your health by only BMI because the BMI is the ratio of weight and height and it’s only your total body weight in our weight management diet plans it has to be achieved much more than the weight loss weight loss or other fat loss is just one of the many wonderful side effects of the changing your lifestyle we do not prefer crash diet the crash diet is extremely deficient in nutrition we prefer quantified nutrition diet that is according to your own body BMR and TEDD  our aim is to fat loss and it should be system enable and long lasting.

When the crowd runs after diet pills and fashionable slimming fads, it is easy to get swayed. However, ask yourself if something that promises instant results, is really sustainable. Do you want to go on a magic five-day slimming diet only to rapidly gain that dreaded fat back in less than two days? The first step to getting fit long-term is understanding your body’s demands and following through accordingly, recommended by Nutritionist Deepikaa  for fitness and nutrition consulting.

Understanding your body

Look closely and you will see that your body functions as per the most fundamental laws of energy conversion. It converts the food you eat into usable energy and stores the excess as fat. The variability of this conversion depends on the different components of the food you eat. Each component/nutrient gives you a different value; it is up to you to understand what your body needs and decide how much you need to meet your fitness goals.

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