Success Stories

First of all I would like to thank Nutritionist Deepikaa . I am more than happy with the results ,I lost almost 23 kg with the diet plan over the span of 4 months. I was struggling with weight , diet and my gut was so upset and my periods was irregular (PCOS Case- mine) before I started the diet. My Husband suggested me of Nutritionist Deepikaa and I thought of trying it beacause we have nothing to loose but believe me from first week I observe break down in weight and after 3 week a lots of change feel in size ,clothes get loose . I am still taking diet and training counselling with Nutritionist Deepikaa . my dream body will achieve soon ..

Jyoti Arora
" I had a great experience with Diet . I joined to get help with managing my weight . The initial call with Nutritionist Deepikaa Ma’am was very detailed and she gave me a very good idea of what changes I’ll be working on to achieve my goals. My nutritionist , Deepikaa ,I  has been great throughout my journey! I think her strongest quality is the attention to details. She carefully listened to all my feedback and made quality suggestions and changes to my diet plan accordingly. She asked detailed questions about my eating/cooking habits and choices, and patiently helped me understand any areas of improvement, however small they may be. I believe these changes made a huge difference for me and I was able to break my 5-year weight 90kg to 65kg and after that break my 4 month  plateau very soon ,into the program my total weight loss is 22kg in 6 month span. I am very happy and thankful to my Nutritionist .
"Very Very happy with results . I am struggling with my fat and weight from a long time . My friend suggest me about Nutritionist Deepikaa, I immediately consult her and she really understand my problem and help me in weight loss around 25kg with size change from XXL To M with in 6 month of diet plan based on Quantified nutrition, she understand me what is quantified nutrition , how its beneficial .. Its very interesting journey .
I had taken diet plan, and I am thankful for the experience I have had. At the beginning, Deepikaa mam counseled so well about the lifestyle change that has to be made instead of following a routine like a punishment. Moreover, the Quantified diet is so easy And wonderful. Deepikaa mam attended me anytime I asked for help and she was very much patient with the frequent changes I wanted in the meals. She would literally dictate me the recipes whichever I found difficult to make. My Weight loss is 20 kg in 6 month with dress size XXL To M .I would give them 5 stars for sure.

""I am enjoying my diet. Nutrionist Deepikaa  is having great knowledge. I would like to thank my Nutritionist for understanding me and  specific requirements  like my goals. I have lost  18 Kg of my weight and building up my muscles back. She is very polite, punctual, knowledgeable and very clear.