Nutritionist Deepikaa

Looking for fat loss , weight loss, muscle gain , stress management . Then look no further ,you reached the right place .

My approach is very simple, no crash diet , no starvation , no herbal supplements given here .

My diet plans are based on quantified nutrition. It means quantifying or measuring the food that is consumed. When you know exactly how much food you consume throughout the day, it helps to track your calories more effectively.

 I provide solutions for your body  by your own kitchen stuff in a balance way . To keep control over your  body BMR and TDEE , we make customised diet plan which are very sustainable .

Whether you are dealing with thyroid, diabetes, PCOS /PCOD , stress, depression, anxiety, child health issues,  pregnancy and lactation phase post partum weight gain…. I have experience of more than 3 year in helping people suffering from  such issues .

Diet is only good for you when it is sustainable and balance and fit in to your lifestyle.

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