Child Nutrition

kid nutrition diet plan what you eat become who you are strong healthy and energetic or weak tired and sluggish any where in between .food can make you burst with energy give through your classes and you through your extra  curricular activities scoring good goal  after goals or it could lead you demotivated an inspired and tired without knowing why?

This is because food is your power source your battery annual charge the right foods influence your brain your body and your ability to take part in your own life they affect your moods your outlooks your thoughts and your ability to have fun with you by what you eat.

It is also important welcome to the kids nutrition diet plan as their parents one of the most important thing you do is to help your children done healthy eating habits children need three meals a day and 123 snacks from different food groups that best foods are freshen and processed fruits and vegetables whole grains there is and meats and home cooked food.  

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